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Candidate sites that are fast, powerful and expandable. Whether you're a campaign running your own digital or a consultant that needs a web partner, Demstack is an affordable suite of tools & services to get up fast and keep growing with your campaign. 

Make it powerful

Use robust, best-in-class tools that the digital campaigns rely on. Avoid small scale, non-open, or non-progressive tools. Make the interface simple but use tools that can be expanded and handle the needs of even the largest campaigns. 

Keep it flexible

Build a common base that solves most campaigns' issues but on separate instances to silo security, allow expansion and a unique look & feel. Enable customization to facilitate the growth of campaigns from exploratory to the general.  

What you get:

A full stack of premium tools & services:




Easy, affordable, managed hosting, billed direct




Robust, SOA CMS customized for campaigns


Your CRM


NGP or ActionNetwork Integration*

Liberal Art

Liberal Art


Custom site design & optional branding


DemStack solves:

Demstack is based on a dozen years' building sites for and with many of the top strategy & communications firms on the left. It’s based on all the lessons learned and follows established best practices.

At its core, Demstack is built on Drupal 8 and has been tailored to a campaign structure. It’s robust and secure and able to adapt to any tool or content need you can come up with.

Your local web firm probably doesn't understand the demands and timeline of a modern campaign, while volunteer-built sites vary wildly and volunteers can get busy or just give up. Building a site using anyone who doesn't understand the specifics of online politics can end up hamstringing your campaign as you bring on more volunteers and specialist staffers. We know because we’ve taken over in mid-stream many times before.

Each Demstack is a fully independent site, not a shared instance on a platform. It can be customized in any way needed. Some things are easier to add than others, but anything can be changed or added — bearing in mind some things may require additional time or money to acheive.

You own your Demstack site, not us; even the hosting is owned by you. All the components of Demstack are common Dem tools with an ecosystem of firms to choose from. Want another firm add to or modify your site? You already have the keys…

Demstack is run on Pantheon, a powerful and managed host with an extremely robust and secure network. They monitor the traffic, maintain the codebase and apply security updates so you don't have to. Most campaigns will run smoothly at their $25/month level. 

It may be cheaper to whip up rudimentary tools for organizing and engagement. But you'll pay in other ways like non-integration, volunteer familiarity and scale. And tools that play both sides often can't leverage Dem data due to state or local party agreements.

Demstack integrates with ActionNetwork or NGP/EveryAction out of the gate so you can leverage data from Votebuilder or other restricted sources. Just give us your info and we’ll plug your account in.


We'll take care of everything required to get your site live. Price also includes a training session for your team and initial support while you get your sea legs. 

$5900¹ ²

Includes everything on the demo site

1) Third Party Fees are additional and bill directly to the campaign without markup. Examples include Hosting ($25/mo. for most campaigns), CRM (depends on list size, mail frequency & features) and services such as data access, domain registration, SSL certificate, etc.

2) Logo and Email template are available as optional add-ons. Basic campaign logo package including files for color, 2-color and 1-color use from $700. Custom Email template to match site design built in NGPVAN or ActionNetwork from $800. 

Who’s behind this?

Liberal Art created DemStack. For over a decade we’ve worked with dozens of campaigns, mostly through Strategy & Communications firms. We’ve also helped to build multiple clusters of up to 150 campaign sites.

We know what campaigns need and go through during a race and that they can’t always afford to go fully custom from the get go. And so we’ve combined our areas of expertise into a campaign site offering that’s as affordable as it is powerful and expandable.