We'll take care of
the hard parts

Liberal Art is a boutique firm that designs and develops action sites for progressive political and advocacy clients. We specialize in finding simple, novel solutions for complex projects without a obvious path to success.

We offer the latest user-centered personalization, tailoring your calls to action to each user's unique data. With a dynamic engagement ladder your site focuses on the most appropriate ask for each visitor making it smarter, more repsonsive, less cluttered and easier to maintain.

Progressive Design & Tech Since 2006

For nearly a decade, we've helped clients on four continents make better use of the web. We take a limited number of projects and have stayed small to keep our hands dirty.  That means at every stage you deal with senior partner level experts who want to do your project, not pass it off to interns or freelancers.

We also work with communications and strategy firms in the US and abroad, providing white label design and development services.

If your project is important, has to stand out, or needs a simple solution to a complex problem we can help.